Miley Cyrus Clothes from Wrecking Ball

miley-cyrus-clothesThe Wrecking Ball music video premiered on September 9, 2013 on VEVO. It was orchestrated by Terry Richardson. The video begins with a close-up of Miley Cyrus standing in front of a completely white backdrop and crying while singing. The video also shows Cyrus sitting naked on top of a wrecking ball (similar to the single cover) and licking a sledgehammer. The hammer and cowboy boots is what will really make this costume made of Miley Cyrus clothes really come together.

White Ripped Wife Beater

A white wife beater is the must have piece, unless you plan to go nude as Miley Does when riding on the wrecking ball. It’s pretty easy to find a good variety online for any shape of body.

White Panties or Booty Shorts

Let’s also assume that you will not be in fact wearing panties for Halloween. Instead, opt for some Miley inspired white booty shorts to keep a scandalous outfit a tad more modest. You’ll be warmer for it too!

Big Fake Hammer

This is where the costume starts to really shine. With a fake sledge hammer, no one will be able to mistake you for anything else than the crying Miley Cyrus from the Wrecking Ball video clip. Just be sure to clean the hammer before licking it.

Cowboy Boots

Last but not least are the Miley Cowboy Boots, these will most likely be the most expensive part of the suit, but if you aren’t obsessed with getting brand name boots. You should find some really good boots online!

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